Princess Jasmine Cosplay

This is a cosplay of Disney's Princess Jasmine.  There are a few costumes that  are very similar to Jasmine's outfit in the movie 'Aladdin', this is just one of them. I was so excited when I got this costume. I absolutely LOVE Jasmine. She's my fave of the Disney Princesses. Don't get me started on all the dolls I used to have of her growing up. This shoot was fun. After taking the shots I realized that I forgot to put on the jewelry I JUST bought for this cosplay,LOL. FAIL, on my part but oh wells I still like the shots. ;-)

The costume I am wearing is:



MODEL MODEL SYNTHETIC BABY HAIR LACE FRONT WIG BROOK (FUTURA) in color 2 (same wig I wore for Mortal Kombat Kitana cosplay)

I call this 'The Bootylicious Jasmine' ,lol.


My sister's fav.

I darkened the photo for drama and I love it!

Stating the obvious the Jasmine like necklace is from Forever 21 and the earrings are from Claire's.
I plan to reshoot this cosplay WITH the jewelry,lol.

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