My Two Cents on the Anime Series "Hikaru No Go"

Hikaru-No Go Completed Collector BoxsetHikara No Go is a shounen anime that debuted in 2001 and ended in 2003.  It's about a 6th grader who finds
a spirit in a go board and their adventure in the game world together. It's enjoyable for all ages.

It's simple but works. I was lil sad at the end but I'm not going to spoil it for you.

Form of Development:
Keeps your attention. It's not slow, it skips blocks of time to keep the momentum of the story.
Hikaru No Go, Vol. 1: The Go Masters Descent
Side Stories:
It had one episode that didn't really flow with the main one.

The logic fit the story. Nothing happened where it made it hard to beleive.

The Conclusion was great still said  for me though.

What kept my interest is the excitement of the matches. It sounds corny but the anime did and excellent jump of making a game of go dramatic.

Hikaru No Go, Vol. 2 - The Go Club's StratagemThe art was great. I found it a lil weird that Sai had purple lips though,lol.

I watched the Japanese Dubbed, English Subbed. I was happy to find no annoying shy voices as well. The dubbed voices were cool. The beginning and end songs were nothing special, they were typical anime pop. The background music played a big part and making this anime enjoyable. Although some of it came off corny for the most part the sound kept me glued to the television when a match was playing.

No annoying characters all the characters introduced played contributed to the story.

I very much enjoyed this anime! From the beginning to the end.

I would give this the highest rating because it managed to keep my interest through the whole series. Towards the end I got a little sad but I still kept watching.

Cosplaylicious Rating: 10/10

Would I recommend to a friend? Yes, I would very much recommend this to a friend regardless of age. Don't have to be in to sports or the game of go to enjoy this anime.

Characters to Cosplay:
There wasn't any female characters who had cool outfits that would inspire me to cosplay. They had middle school uniforms for female characters but I'll pass. I would love to cosplay Sai though even though he's a male,lol. I would just make the cosplay a female version.

Alternative names:
Hikaru's Go , ヒカルの碁

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My Two Cents on the animated series "Astonishing X-Men: Gifted"

Astonishing X-Men - Gifted (Marvel Knights)I just finished watching "Astonishing X-Men: Gifted" , it was pretty awesome! It's a total of 6 episodes that combine to equal 60 mins.  So it's like the same as watching a short movie when it comes to time wise. For the most part my eyes were glued to the television screen, so a two thumbs up for that. I love the color scheme, the animation and how the characters moved. It gave it a pop up story book kind of feel. I'm pretty sure there is a term for it but I'm too lazy to google it,lol. The story was interesting, it had witty humor with some love interests...and spats so no complains from me.  I would recommend it to a friend that enjoyed animation also.

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My Two Cents on the Anime Series "Tokko"

Tokko: The Complete Series, Vol. 1-3So I finished "Tokko" yesterday. The complete series is only 13 episodes that totals up to 319 minutes. I have to say I was a little disappointed. My expectations for this series was that it would become kick ass. It was okay for me. It kept my attention and then other times I was doing other things,lol. If you are up to third episode and you are not feeling I would just pass. The series did inform you with some history for story, there was some funny moments with hint of romance so you won't be (too) bored if you decide to finish it. This was adapted from the manga titled "Tokko" so maybe the manga is better? I would only recommend to a friend if they were (extremely) bored and liked anime and were a fan of the manga since I'm assuming the manga was better.

Read  more of my opinion on the anime series "Tokko":
Revisiting Tokko

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Revisiting Tokko

So when I first started watching episode 1 of the anime series "Tokko" I couldn't even stomach 15 mins of it. It was just awful. Going through the instant que I decided to revisit the episode. Well towards the ending it got interesting. There was some action and dialogue that was intriguing let's see if it can follow up. The animation is pretty lame. The main character Shindou Ranmaru hair color is yellow with orange highlights talk about tacky.
So far there are no character with annoying voices so yay! However the background music is a lil wack, but not annoying wack,  it's easily ignored. They also use profanity so a warning for that. The characters all seem interesting. I can't wait to see how Rokujo Sakura contributes more to the story. I love her read hair! I decided that I'm going to watch the whole series. I will do a review on the complete series when I'm finished. =)

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Update: Costume for Pirate's premiere

 I didn't find a costume on any site for the movie premiere that I wanted...

My heart is still set on the  Angelica costume from Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, What are you wearing May 20, 2011? blogpost but I do have an idea of what I'm going to wear. So yay! I have this cute Cookie Monster shirt that I got from Wally World that I haven't taken pictures in. I've also decided since I'm not going to get the Angelica costume (because it won't be in stock until the end of July), I'm going to see the movie later. It would be real fun to go the premiere in costume so maybe next time (X Men movie coming out and Harry Potter movie coming out, I already have in mind for what I want for the Harry Potter movie premiere, he-he). =)


I will post pictures of when I DO go see the pirate's movie. It most likely will be during the week.

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She's not Sung Sun Cosplay Mobile pics!

So I didn't shoot this weekend..... *tear* but I did get mail! Below is just pictures of headshots. I will take more pictures or perhaps a video when I have time.

Before I put on the costume, I just had on the wig,lol.

This is my fav!

I have more costumes that I got but again I have to take them when I have time. Off to work! (Have a great day!)....Oh yeah sorry for my bags. I'm a lil tired. =(

My Two Cents on the movie "The Green Hornet"

It had it's funny parts but who goes to see a superhero movie for comedy? I go to see an action movie for some kick ass action and a handsome super hero. The Green Hornet did not offer that now granted the recent Spiderman movies didn't either but they balanced it out with some good drama. It offered a bad guy who yearned to be cool, can we say lame?
On some other blog (who shall not be mentioned) made a big deal about the Lenore (Cameron Diaz, the White female) dating cutie Kato (Jay Chou, Asian male....I would love to see him in some glasses!) well I see the movie and it was nothing like they described. She treated him more like a brother

Kallen Kozuki Mobile Cosplay pics

I got this costume from marketplace.... I admit when I saw the ad for a Kallen Kozuki cosplay costume I got super excited and missed how big the measurements were. I read 28 waist instead of 38 waist,lol. It's pretty big on me. I like my clothing tight fitting to cling to my petite frame but it's all good! I'm going to safety pin this baby when it comes time for my professional shoot. (I'm supposed to be shooting next weekend in New York).

A lil baggy as you see above...Oh yeah, I'm stuffing my bra for the professional shoot,lmao. Kallen has big boobies and since I'm a member of the Itty Bitty Committee I'm going to have to fill them out,lol.

I also got the wig from marketplace.

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