Revisiting Tokko

So when I first started watching episode 1 of the anime series "Tokko" I couldn't even stomach 15 mins of it. It was just awful. Going through the instant que I decided to revisit the episode. Well towards the ending it got interesting. There was some action and dialogue that was intriguing let's see if it can follow up. The animation is pretty lame. The main character Shindou Ranmaru hair color is yellow with orange highlights talk about tacky.
So far there are no character with annoying voices so yay! However the background music is a lil wack, but not annoying wack,  it's easily ignored. They also use profanity so a warning for that. The characters all seem interesting. I can't wait to see how Rokujo Sakura contributes more to the story. I love her read hair! I decided that I'm going to watch the whole series. I will do a review on the complete series when I'm finished. =)

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