My Two Cents on the movie "The Green Hornet"

It had it's funny parts but who goes to see a superhero movie for comedy? I go to see an action movie for some kick ass action and a handsome super hero. The Green Hornet did not offer that now granted the recent Spiderman movies didn't either but they balanced it out with some good drama. It offered a bad guy who yearned to be cool, can we say lame?
On some other blog (who shall not be mentioned) made a big deal about the Lenore (Cameron Diaz, the White female) dating cutie Kato (Jay Chou, Asian male....I would love to see him in some glasses!) well I see the movie and it was nothing like they described. She treated him more like a brother
than a potential lover. The movie presented her "interest" in him as if she had no choice. If a woman (esp. in her mid 30s) had to choose between a total poon hound dummy with money who doesn't know what to do with it or a  stable guy with a good job I highly suspect  SHE WOULD PICK KATO. However she didn't even do that when she found out they were The Green Hornet, she dissed both of them in that scene by saying she would never kiss them. Which was funny but once again Asian males lose presenting them as they really don't have a chance (with anyone even if they think they do). The "love interest" in this movie reminded me of "Romeo Must Die" where the couple were presented more like buddies that people who wanted to hump. (Which Hollywood have no problem presenting any other time!)
But that's just my two cents!
*Sorry for the misspell earlier! You know a movie sucks when you mix up the name with a movie you really want to watch,LOL.

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