Update: Costume for Pirate's premiere

 I didn't find a costume on any site for the movie premiere that I wanted...

My heart is still set on the  Angelica costume from Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, What are you wearing May 20, 2011? blogpost but I do have an idea of what I'm going to wear. So yay! I have this cute Cookie Monster shirt that I got from Wally World that I haven't taken pictures in. I've also decided since I'm not going to get the Angelica costume (because it won't be in stock until the end of July), I'm going to see the movie later. It would be real fun to go the premiere in costume so maybe next time (X Men movie coming out and Harry Potter movie coming out, I already have in mind for what I want for the Harry Potter movie premiere, he-he). =)


I will post pictures of when I DO go see the pirate's movie. It most likely will be during the week.

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