My Two Cents on the Anime Series "Hikaru No Go"

Hikaru-No Go Completed Collector BoxsetHikara No Go is a shounen anime that debuted in 2001 and ended in 2003.  It's about a 6th grader who finds
a spirit in a go board and their adventure in the game world together. It's enjoyable for all ages.

It's simple but works. I was lil sad at the end but I'm not going to spoil it for you.

Form of Development:
Keeps your attention. It's not slow, it skips blocks of time to keep the momentum of the story.
Hikaru No Go, Vol. 1: The Go Masters Descent
Side Stories:
It had one episode that didn't really flow with the main one.

The logic fit the story. Nothing happened where it made it hard to beleive.

The Conclusion was great still said  for me though.

What kept my interest is the excitement of the matches. It sounds corny but the anime did and excellent jump of making a game of go dramatic.

Hikaru No Go, Vol. 2 - The Go Club's StratagemThe art was great. I found it a lil weird that Sai had purple lips though,lol.

I watched the Japanese Dubbed, English Subbed. I was happy to find no annoying shy voices as well. The dubbed voices were cool. The beginning and end songs were nothing special, they were typical anime pop. The background music played a big part and making this anime enjoyable. Although some of it came off corny for the most part the sound kept me glued to the television when a match was playing.

No annoying characters all the characters introduced played contributed to the story.

I very much enjoyed this anime! From the beginning to the end.

I would give this the highest rating because it managed to keep my interest through the whole series. Towards the end I got a little sad but I still kept watching.

Cosplaylicious Rating: 10/10

Would I recommend to a friend? Yes, I would very much recommend this to a friend regardless of age. Don't have to be in to sports or the game of go to enjoy this anime.

Characters to Cosplay:
There wasn't any female characters who had cool outfits that would inspire me to cosplay. They had middle school uniforms for female characters but I'll pass. I would love to cosplay Sai though even though he's a male,lol. I would just make the cosplay a female version.

Alternative names:
Hikaru's Go , ヒカルの碁

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