My Two Cents on the Anime Series "Tokko"

Tokko: The Complete Series, Vol. 1-3So I finished "Tokko" yesterday. The complete series is only 13 episodes that totals up to 319 minutes. I have to say I was a little disappointed. My expectations for this series was that it would become kick ass. It was okay for me. It kept my attention and then other times I was doing other things,lol. If you are up to third episode and you are not feeling I would just pass. The series did inform you with some history for story, there was some funny moments with hint of romance so you won't be (too) bored if you decide to finish it. This was adapted from the manga titled "Tokko" so maybe the manga is better? I would only recommend to a friend if they were (extremely) bored and liked anime and were a fan of the manga since I'm assuming the manga was better.

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