Tamina from Prince of Persia Cosplay - Test shoot

This is from a Princess Tamina test shoot. When I get darker contacts I will redo! I thought the movie was o-kay but the costumes I really liked!

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Sally Jupiter from Watchmen Cosplay

This is a shot from a test shoot I did as Sally Jupiter from Watchmen.  I was little bummed because at the time I couldn't find a piece for my stand so I couldn't take full body shots or even waist up shoots. I will re-shoot at a later time. :-)

I added 'dusk' from picmonkey.com to get the old timey feel to this photo.

I wore my hair down for this because the wig that came with the costume did not suit my taste! (I rebought another wig.)

The hair is: Freetress Synthetic Band Fullcap Lamont Girl in the color F33/32/240.

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Suckerpunch Amber Cosplay

It's been a while. Everytime I meant to post a blogpost I would get distracted  but no more! Below is a Suckerpunch Amber cosplay. Originally I wanted to do Sweetpea's because I related to her personality being a big sister and all.  (I still might do it.) I like Amber as well. She's bubbly and cute. I bought another pair of shorts since the shorts that did come with the costume were not built for adult bodied females.

I move my editing to picmonkey.com since picnik.com

The Hair is:


In a color 2 but photographs very dark like a 1b.

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I'm going to Bamcon May 4-6!

Bamcon will be on May 4th - 6th. I will be hosting an Artist Alley as a cosplayer table!
I will see you there!

Visit their website for more information:
source: bam-con.com

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